Saturday, February 16, 2008

Peyton Manning Statistics Pt1

There's Peyton with his father Archie when he was with the Tennessee Volunteers
Hello again..I'm sure everyone is very interested in Peyton Manning's Statistics. We will delve into his statistics in the coming posts and I'm sure you will see how extraordinary this man is as a quarterback.

First of all let's take a look at his personal statistics. His full given name is Peyton Williams Manning; born to Archie Manning a famous quarterback himself at Mississippi and the New Orleans Saints, and Olivia Manning the former Homecoming Queen at Ole Miss. Peyton is a tall one at 6-5, weight 230 and in the prime of his career at age 31. He was born March 26, 1976, in New Orleans Louisiana. He played his high school ball at Isidore Newman HS in New Orleans-went on to play college quarterback for the Tennessee Volunteers. Then of course He was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts and is now setting all the passing records in the NFL. (Talking about Peyton Mannings Statistics...)

So he grew up in a very loving and supportive family with big brother Cooper, born two years earlier (1974) , and Eli who came into the world 5 years after Peyton. What an athletic family...can you imagine the ball games they had together? It must have been fun!
It was pretty evident that these boys might be destined for athletic endeavors-even at birth Peyton weighed in at over 12 pounds...more defensive line possibilities than quarterback wouldn't you say?

It really wasn't astonishing that the boys were so large and athletic seeing as though they came from Archies' loins. Archie Manning was a two time all-American at quarterback for the Ole Miss Rebels and went on to play for the New Orleans Saints in their fledgling years and retired after 14 years in the NFL.... He was a legend and remains a legend in the south where old football stories are still spun and relived on the front porches and in the local restaurants. Archie passed on the legend and the talent to his sons but in a way that was layed back and not at all forced. In fact if he gave them football help or advice a prerequisite was that the boys would do the seeking....I think his method turned out mighty fine how about you? Peyton Manning's statistics start with his family.


jmr1378 said...

this why i love peyton manning cuzz of his good heart and giving back and now that i knw his married to beautiful woman who also has a good heart makes me even happier.i was born and raise in la but im a die heart colts fan ok a peyton manning fan!he is the best quaterbacker ever!!thank you for taken us to the super bowl 2010 i never doubt you would and we will beat the saints gooo colts

Sophia said...

All my life I have been around sports, particularly basketball and football. Basketball is my favorite sport, to watch of course, and I basically know the game and the calls pretty well. Ok, football I like, but I do not fully understand the whole concept of it. Like the calls. But one day bk about 5 or 6 yrs ago a football game was on, and it was the Colts playn. I was just watching it, like really watchn b/c I was so amazed @ how accurate this man was throwing the ball to his wr! So from that day until now, Peyton Manning is my reason to watch football, and its so amazing b/c I haven't seen anyone that u can compare to him with natural born talent!! You are an awesome quarterback!!!

Theresa said...

I have been watching Peyton Manning since he was a student at the University of TN. He has always had a huge heart and compassion for others. He is not just a spectacular quarterback, he is a spectacular person. That is so rare today. I have never wished for anything but good things for him and am so delighted that not only his professional career is great but his personal life is too. When there are no more Sundays on the football field, he has a beautiful wife to share his life with. What more could you ask for?


While Archie played ball for the Ole Miss Rebels as Quarterback, there was a song write about him called Archie Who,,no one had ever heard of him,being from a very small town called Drew Mississippi...Archies wife is from Philadephia Ms,Her grandparnets owned and the families still own it,It is in Williamsville,Ms. The store is named Williams Bros..It sells everything from candy.bacon to clothes and even cowboy boots,Anyone ever in Ms should look it up...I was borned and raised in near there and it was a great place to go near Christmas, with all the smells mixing up together.....they are just plain country folks and we in Ms are all so proud of them and love them all...Ya'll Come Back

nflnhledge said...

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